Coast Nation™ Business Solutions and Consulting

Improving profit margins, creating fresh perspectives while maintaining core business principles are our goals for any analysis given. Our consulting expertise focuses on "work smarter, and harder" applications and solutions to build long term stability and sustainable net revenue increases, maximizing investor faith. With countless years of combined experience behind us in many industries, adding the next level needed to any size company is just what we're great at! Each step of the way from startup, through investment funding, to launching the 1000th product or preparing for the sale of assets.

The Coast Nation™ Team working on your project humbly represents:

  • 10 years of professional legal business experience
  • 10 years of professional real estate experience
  • 20 years of clothing, apparel and lifestyle product experience
  • 25 years of hospitality experience
  • 30+years combined experience for on-site manufacturing, distribution, refrigeration and nuclear power plant operations management/consulting in software, computer, electrical and robotic engineering
  • 35 years of tech, mechanical, computer, electrical engineering experience
  • 50 years of marketing/design experience
  • 50 years of sales experience
  • 50 years of business experience
  • 75+years of teaching/educational/professor experience
  • Ownership and Management of multiple successful companies/projects
    • 1 Restaurant opening
    • 2 Successful franchise operations and launches 
    • 10 Successful startup brand and company launches
    • Art Gallery with internationally sold/published artist and author
    • Managed Millions of inventory for big box retailer (home depot)
    • Managed Sold Out 3 Day music festival featuring multi-platinum selling artist/international DJ "Diplo"
    • Built multiple websites and social media pages with hundreds of thousands of clicks/millions of impressions through our directed marketing campaigns
    • Visual and audio productions with professional grade equipment, editing and mastering

Successful companies use all advantages possible increasing workplace happiness, operational efficiency and increased profits. Our proprietary Coast Nation ™ process called the "Business Incubator" is plug and play transforming simple thoughts to strategically placed products in the marketplace... Step by step we offer proven solutions and reliable resources: 

  1. Attorney Resources
    1. Trademark/Patent
    2. Business/Investor
  2. Branding
    1. Visualization
    2. Styling
  3. Development/Operations
    1. Design
    2. Production
    3. Technology
  4. Marketing
    1. Creating and distributing promotional products via print, audio or digital form
    2. Long term campaigns
    3. Short term campaigns
  5. Product placement/ Customized Printing & Production Services
    1. Custom design of marketing/promotional materials
    2. Printing or producing promo materials (shirts, bottoms, accessories, posters, etc)
  6. Sales
    1. Long term
    2. Short term
  7. Investment
    1. Evaluating value
    2. Evaluating equity
    3. Determining leverage

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